Quality Policy

Acton Design Engineers (P) Ltd adopts the underwritten principles of the Total Quality, Safety and Environment Policy. Explicitly stated, Acton Design Engineers (P) Ltd, while ensuring the safety of operations, health of the staff and the respect of the environment, shall strive continually to improve the Quality Performances by committing:

  1. To achieve enhanced Customer Satisfaction and confidence, by meeting the explicit and implicit needs of the customer.
  2. To meet the needs of all the interested parties of the company – stakeholders, regulatory bodies, customers, suppliers, neighbouring organizations, society at large etc., financially, morally and responsibly, thus contributing positively to the image of the group.
  3. To monitor and control the costs at all times, whilst continually improving the quality of products, processes and services.
  4. To achieve People Satisfaction by promoting training, development, creativity and innovation, empowerment as well as motivation of the people.
  5. To ensure the asset integrity and management, abiding by the policy of durable development.
  6. To achieve Excellence Orientation in its business by measuring the progress made through appropriate indicators, regular checks, client satisfaction surveys, internal and external audits,
    benchmarking with appropriate businesses / entities, encouraging and sharing its best practices to its subsidiaries, suppliers and contractors. Etc.